Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vegetarian Pasta - Elbows

Vegetarian Pasta - Elbows

Pasta - 250 grms (I used San Remo - Elbows)
Green Chillies - 3 nos. (I used the Long ones)
Green Peppers - 1/2 no.
Red Peppers - 1/2 no.
Tomato  - 1 no.
Broccoli - 6-7 florets
Onion - 1 nos. (Chopped length wise)
Garlic cloves - 3 nos. (Crushed and chopped into fine pieces)
Carrots - 1 no.
Baby Peas - 7-8 nos. (Whole peas)
Baby corn - 4 nos.
Cheese - as per taste
Olive oil - 4 tspn
Italian Herbs - 3 tspn or as per taste (I used McCormic Italian herbs)
Salt as per taste

1) Cook pasta with little salt and olive oil as per the instructions mentioned on the brand you use and keep aside
2) Boil broccoli and carrots till al dente and keep aside.
3) Take a pan, add olive oil, and add garlic and then turn on the stove.
4) Once the garlic is turning golden brown, add chopped onions, small amount of salt and saute it for a minute.
5) To this add baby peas, baby corn and saute till done.
6) Now add the boiled broccoli and carrots and saute for another minute.
7) To this add Italian herbs and give a gentle mix.
8) Then add tomatoes and the cooked pasta and stir carefully.
9) Now, add some salt if required and add grated cheese.
10) Garnish with some Italian herbs and extra cheese as desired and serve hot.

1) I eventually ended up having less vegetables in my recipe. Its your choice to add more vegetables if desired.
2) Please modify the seasoning as per your taste.


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