Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carrot Dosa

Carrot Dosa

This is the most easy and tasty breakfast which I can think of while I dont have any batter ready at home for idlis or dosas. You don't have to bother for making the dosa mixture by spending time soaking and grinding, and fermenting. This recipe best suits working women and bachelors as well who usually are rushing to office in the morning or reaching home really late and looking for what to eat for dinner. :)

Enjoy making this easy delicious dosas.

Dosa Batter - 1 cup (I used left over dosa batter) Optional
Rice flour - 1/4 cup
Maida/ All purpose flour - 1/4 cup
Rava - one hand ful (optional)
Wheat flour - one hand ful (optional)
Salt to taste
Green chillies - 2 tspn (Finely chopped) If you don't have green chillies, you can use Chilly powder
Curry leaves - 2 tspn (Finely chopped)
Coriander leaves - 2 tspn (Finely chopped)
Fresh Coconut - 2 tspn (grated) Optional
Jeera - 1 tspn
Sour Yogurt - 1/4 cup (If you are not using Dosa batter)
Onion - 1  no. (Finely chopped)
Carrot - 1 no. (Grated)
Water - enough to mix the batter

1) Mix all the ingredients into a fine batter. Keep the consistency like dosa batter.
2) Take a flat pan, and once it is hot, take one cup full of dosa batter and pour it in the center of the pan, and spread it in circular motion forming a thin (As thin as you can) dosa.
3) Spread oil around the dosa and allow it to cook/roast well.
4)Take a spatula and try to lift the dosa starting from the edges
5) Server these dosas with any chutney or even chutney powder or eat it just like that :)

1) You may not be able to make very thin dosa. It would be slightly thick.
2) If you don't like the onion and carrot mixture to be mixed in the dosa batter, you can even spread it on the dosa while its cooking.
- For this, just saute the onion, coriander, carrot curry leaves on the flat pan with 1/2 tspn of oil and salt as per taste and keep it aside. And spread 1 - 2 tspn on this mixture on the dosa.
3) You can add ragi flour as well to this mixture.

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Anonymous said...

very colorful..

Athisaya Divya said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Added you in my blogroll. You have some wonderful recipes here.

faseela said...

healthy n colorful dosha.............................

Shree said...

Love the colour.. Nice Dosa :)